SATOR-G experiment website
Satellite Tests of Relativistic Gravity

What’s SaToR-G?

SaToR-G (Satellite Tests of Relativistic Gravity) will expand the activities carried on by the LAser RAnged Satellite Experiment (LARASE, 2013-2019), investigating possible experimental signatures of deviation from GR. Similarly to LARASE, SaToR-G is dedicated to measurements of the gravitational interaction in the weak-field and slow-motion (WFSM) limit of GR by means of laser tracking to geodetic passive satellites orbiting around the Earth. SaToR-G exploits the improvement of the dynamical model of the two LAGEOS and LARES satellites achieved by LARASE. These satellites represent the proof-masses of the experiment.

Help to significantly improve the dynamical models of the forces acting on satellites, with particular regards to the subtle accelerations produced by the non-conservative forces.
Perform new measurements in gravitational physics and verify the predictions of General Relativity in the field of the Earth.
Perform an errors estimate that should be clear, strong and reliable.